We offer many clinics that will fit your needs

Year-round Clinic

This clinic is held year-round and has two groups. The first group is for ages 6 to 11 years of age and the second is for players 12 to 16 years old. In this clinic, we concentrate on helping each athlete with all areas of basketball. We teach each athlete through demonstration and drills that allow the player to learn through repetition and actual game scenarios. By scrimmaging with a number of diverse players (older & more experienced), the athlete will improve his skills and become quicker and ultimately better.

One-on-One Clinic

This clinic offers one-on-one tutoring and gives the athlete time to get help on whatever aspect of the game he needs assistance with such as shooting, ball-handling, defense and offense. It gives the athlete time to polish his skills and ask the instructor questions. This clinic is set up to provide the athlete a convenient time to practice when his strenuous schedule does not allow him to attend the other clinics. Also, this clinic is offered simply for those who wish to get help on an individual basis instead of a team or player setting.

Team Clinic

This clinic is tailored to each team’s needs. Whatever the coach wants the team to work on will be emphasized in this clinic. This clinic will teach teammates drills that they need to work on and will help everyone how to play better as a team.

Coaches Clinic

This clinic will benefit recreational and city league coaches. It will enable coaches to teach their players skills that will help them become a better athlete in the future, especially if they decide to play basketball in middle school and high school. It will include a drills, stations, and a question and answer session and will also offer a defensive and offensive setting. This will include teaching players how to effectively and easily:

* Set screens
* Screen & roll
* Get open
* Set a pick
* Run the floor
* Find the open spot on the floor
* Handle/avoid a trap
* Speed and Agility, Strength and Conditioning.
* and much more!

After School Clinic

We are very excited about this new clinic. We are offering this clinic in order to introduce the game of basketball to children at an early age. Parents have the added convenience of their children attending this clinic at their child’s daycare or school. We emphasize the importance and benefit of physical fitness by getting children involved with sports at an early age. This clinic also allows each child to grow and develop into a well rounded individual while playing a vital role in social skills.